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These stories are accounts of people who have had a Lithium Polymer Battery mishap.


David N.

The LipoSack just may have saved my house. I had just gotten a new battery charger and was actually using it to put my batteries into storage mode. I had already done a few when I set to do my last two batteries.( I have had and used a LipoSack for several years, since I first started using lipos). About 30 minutes later the smoke detector in my shop went off and I found that the batteries were burning. The LipoSack contained the flames and I was able to get the the sack with the batteries outside were they burned themselves out. Thanks to the LipoSack, I just had the clear out the smoke and smell.

Barry M.

Another success for LipoSack!
Although this was NOT a charging mishap, nevertheless, I am very pleased that I had my batteries in a LipoSack at the time. I had 3 LiPos in 'storage' in a Sack, but on a bench. I think that I was foolish not to have kept a plastic guard on the +ve lead of at least one of them. Anyway, I sat down on the edge of the sack and obviously moved the batteries inside, and so suddenly there was a fire, no doubt caused by the exposed leads causing a short circuit, and acrid smoke emerging. Wonderful safety, for I just picked up the sack in my hands, and took it outside on to some concrete, and all was safe.
I feel, to judge from your suggestion of emailing, you that you do not think that a LipoSack, having been subjected to a fire, should be used again? At a swift glance, it does not appear damaged to any degree. The inside has a fair amount of black in it, no holes, and the only sign of damage is that some of the external plastic holder was melted at the bottom!
So, I'm very pleased that I had the good sense to buy my LipoSacks, and thanks.
Barry_M 01 Barry_M03
Barry_M 02 Barry_M04

Daniel L.

I am very thankful that I had the LipoSack as I am sure that our house would have been severely damaged without it.  I heard the battery venting and I grabbed it and ran it outside to a cement area and the explosion was unbelievable!  I was charging a one month old 2S 4800mah and all of the settings were correct.  From what I can tell, the balancer malfunctioned and the charger just kept charging. Anyway, I am very thankful for the LipoSack.



Dennis H.

Last night while charging my big 20C 4S1P 4500mA, I thought I'd better use the sack as cell voltage was a touch below 3.2v/ea. So I started a long .5 amp trickle charge. Checked on it twice before going to bed. Woke up to this...

Garage a huge mess of ash. LipoSack probably saved my house from burning down as you can see the wall got a bit torched even with the sack. Thank you LipoSack!

Dennis_H01 Dennis_H0.2

Jason M.

Battery ignited when multi-lead shorted during charging.


Don G.

I had a battery catch fire last night. The LipoSack saved my garage from everything but the smoke smell. Yes, that is the front end of an all-original 1956 Thunderbird.

Don_G02 Don_G01


Gary R.

I was charging a relatively new, balanced, NanoTech 4s 3.3 pack at 1.5C in my driveway a couple of weeks ago when it caught fire. The LipoSack completely contained the fire so that nothing was damaged or destroyed except for my LipoSack (see photo). Even the charger survived.


Jeff W.

I was preparing to get my Twinkle back in the air and thought I'd charge up a pack or two for it.. Well.. I broke all the cardinal rules of lipo charging, especially when concerning the Astro 109.To make a long story short...

Tuesday. I threw a 2S pack onto the charger with a voltage of around 8.0v.. Almost charged.. Well, the 109 said. "Ok. 2S." and started charging. Well, I didn't wait to confirm "2C2". So the 109 went to work, and went from 2C1 to 3C2. Rut-roah... POOF goes the lipo. I have several LipoSacks, but had not been using them, so anyway, the Twinkle, my workshop and my pride went into a flaming molten lipo goodness. I grab the flaming lipo, throw in a 5 gallon bucket and run outside. OK, lesson learned... use the LipoSack.

Wednesday, I decide to again, charge some packs... Throw a 2S INTO THE LIPOSACK and THEN on to the charger. Voltage around 8.0v... and well.. the 109 said. "Ok. 2S." and started charging. Well, I didn't wait to confirm "2C2", so the 109 went to work, again it went from 2C1 to 3C2. Well... I noticed the sickening smell of impending lipo excitement and look over, sure enough, I'm catching the "vent", grab the LipoSack, go charging for the nearest door, only to have the deadbolt and the door locked. Poof goes this lipo. This time, in my hand all in the living room. I was "lucky" in that my body and clothes absorbed most of what shot out of the sides of the bag, the rest was all captured by the bag.


Jim B.

"On October 14, 2007 I was recharging a Neu 2s1p 4900 milliamp. The bag performed superbly and I have recommended this sack to all the members of our club using  lithium polymer batteries.  On this day the batteries caught fire and the bag performed as promised with no outward damage."

 "This is a great product and I would hope that all people using lipo type cells will use this product. Feel free to use our clubs endorsement and mine (Puget Sound Fast Electric Model Boat Club) and these pictures to let people know that this bag works. I hope these will help you to prove that the damage was minimal to the sack. The batteries inside were totally destroyed."

Jim B.- Vice Commodore

Puget Sound Fast Electric Model Boat Club



Jim K.

When I returned from the field one day I decided to leave all my gear in the back of my pickup under the canopy because I was going to go flying the next morning.  I parked the pickup in the garage.
The next morning I went out and found that my lipo battery had ignited and burned and even burned the tool case that it was sitting on.  If it hadn't been for LipoSack I probably would have lost my pickup as well as my garage.


Larry K.

Here are a couple of pictures from my incident.  I made a fairly hard landing in the taller grass at the approach end of our grass runway and immediately a little smoke started to come out of the plane.  I knew my 3S-5000 MaH pack was damaged.  As it was a dry, grassy runway my first thought was of starting a grass fire.  I took the LipoSack and a pair of long channel lock pliers to the plane, extracted the now heavily smoking battery with the pliers, dropped it in the LipoSack, and closed it.   Smoke billowed out of the sack for quite awhile, but the fire and heat were safely contained inside the sack.  I could tell the intensity of the heat after things cooled down by the brown discoloration on the outside of both sides of the sack.  I'm convinced the LipoSack prevented what could have been a very serious situation.Again, thanks for a great product!!



Vince V.

 This Lipo lit off while charging a 30C 3s 2200mah.

Vince_V01 Vince_V02


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