Barry M.

Another success for LipoSack!
Although this was NOT a charging mishap, nevertheless, I am very pleased that I had my batteries in a LipoSack at the time. I had 3 LiPos in ‘storage’ in a Sack, but on a bench. I think that I was foolish not to have kept a plastic guard on the +ve lead of at least one of them. Anyway, I sat down on the edge of the sack and obviously moved the batteries inside, and so suddenly there was a fire, no doubt caused by the exposed leads causing a short circuit, and acrid smoke emerging. Wonderful safety, for I just picked up the sack in my hands, and took it outside on to some concrete, and all was safe.
I feel, to judge from your suggestion of emailing, you that you do not think that a LipoSack, having been subjected to a fire, should be used again? At a swift glance, it does not appear damaged to any degree. The inside has a fair amount of black in it, no holes, and the only sign of damage is that some of the external plastic holder was melted at the bottom!
So, I’m very pleased that I had the good sense to buy my LipoSacks, and thanks.
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