LipoSacks first came about when lithium/polymer safety was becoming a huge issue in late 2002. People were using ammo boxes, small fire safes and such to do their charging but I wanted something more convenient. I found some fiberglass welding cloth and had a bag sewn from it with a hook and loop closure. Fiberglass cloth (Refrasil) is very difficult to work with but we kept changing our methods and finally got a successful working model. I used it at radio control events while charging batteries and it generated quite a bit of interest. We made a quite a few for friends and clubbies…one of which proved out the concept accidentally. In the spring of 2006 I almost literally tripped over the material that we use today. A sample was made with a new design and when a good friend and neighbor Steve Belknap of Diversity Model Aircraft saw it, he insisted that I make them for the masses. Encouraged and supported by Steve, Peter Berg, my buddies Joe Mapes, Tim Gantz, Tim White and many others, we showed the Original LipoSack for the first time at the Mid-Winter Electrics in San Diego…my home field. The time since has been fun, informative and we get to play a bit bigger part in our local economy.

WoodWorks Products, LLC/LipoSack.com is a completely all-American small business staffed by myself and my wife Becky. Our products are fabricated with American-made materials by talented friends with commercial sewing machines to our specifications in their homes here in San Diego. The end user receives a superior original product with customer support and a guarantee that if the product is used in a battery fire, we will replace it for free to keep folks from being tempted to reuse a fire-damaged product. Due to the fact that we own the sewing process, we are also able to make custom items. As we grow bit by bit, interesting opportunities arrive in the email on a regular basis and our products continue to protect people and property…our biggest thrill. We’re very grateful to be able to help just when needed.

Be Safe!!

Mark Wood

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