Custom Designs

Since our fabrication process is done in Southern California,

we are happy to entertain custom thermal protection products made to your specifications.

Please email us at for more information.


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When you live in a condo with no garage or backyard and the balcony is the only place to store and charge your lipo's safely. better have a LipoSack!

Custom Made 8 pouch01Custom Made 8 Pouch-Micro Battery LipoSack (1S 3.7V 380mAH lipos). Eight Pouch LipoSack Sealed & Secure.
Charge Day Ready to use 4X..1 Micro Battery Charger...but Leads are too Short for the Storage Bag... Custom Made 8 pouch04VOILA!  Custom Made LipoSack Single Pouches for Safe & Secure Charging.
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